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At Lockwood and Associates our Principles and Values are important to us in how we work AND live our lives. 

We are a Values and Principles based Company! (http://www.kingdombuilders.com.au/kingdom_business)

As All our advocates are well experienced and with experience comes “some” WISDOM. These are some of the MOST IMPORTANT values we have learned:

1.      Our HONESTY is integral to us, BETWEEN OURSELVES AND WITH OUR CLIENTS - “Only the Truth sets us Free”!

2.      Our COMMITMENT is to get the BEST RESULT for our Client, NOT just a quick result for ourselves.

3.      Our FAMILIES are our backbone, they always come first.

4.      Our ONGOING LEARNING is critical to us and YOU.

5.      Our COMMUNICATION is ongoing, not just whilst we are conducting business with you. 

We don't always get it perfectly right, but these are the things that are important to us.


Coaching for Results 2007